Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Good Dental Health Means Good Physical Health

When you brush your teeth, floss, and visit our office for cleanings and exams, you know that you are caring for your smile health.  But did you know that good oral hygiene habits can have a positive effect on your overall health too?  More and more studies are now showing a link between your oral health and your cardiovascular and neurological health.

When you take steps to prevent gum disease, you are also reducing your risk of stroke, heart disease, diabetes, dementia and even certain cancers.  If brushing your teeth for your smile health wasn’t enough, now your oral care routine also improves your physical health. 

Good oral health habits are more important than ever.  If you are due for your biannual cleaning, be sure to schedule an appointment at our office.  Daily oral hygiene care and routine dental visits can help keep your smile beautiful, while also maintaining good overall health.

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